Duck tales remastered for Xbox 360 / pS3

Weclome to my blog.For my first post i am going to look at Duck tales remastered.

my dis4

This game was a classic game on the NES.It had great gameplay.But what interested me about this  updated of the classic were three factors.

First the graphics.With Xbox 360/PS3 video games had graphics  that had progressed to a stage that for me t could only be described as works of art.Computer Artists had stylized this game nicely.But pictures can only carry a game so far.

So the second factor, the sound  design, for me ‘sealed the deal’ with this game.The game makers updated the original sounds with the sound capabilities of xbox360/PS3

And the  with the combination of these two factors lead to what could only described as a ducktales experience.It was like watching an episode of ducktales.Because the game even had the  voice cast of Duck tales.

Thanks for reading my post.


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