Marvel Disneyana

Marvel is Disney. This is because Marvel is owned by Disney.


So this means that marvel collectibles are also Disneyana.

Marvel is a big part of D23 expos. For example,attendees of D23 expo 2011 were given a sneak preview of The Avengers

So as a fan of disneyana where do i draw the line with regard to Marvel as disneyana? I think that this best left to the discretion of the disneyana fan.This is because Marvel has a rich history of storytelling.And the Collectibles that have been produced reflect this.For example Marvel universe Ms Marvel  and the Vision  3.75 inch action figures are highly sought after on the secondary market .

And to choose an arbitrary date for categorizing personal preferences cuts of a lot of memorabilia.For example to choose 2014 as a date for marvel collectibles as disneyana cuts off Toybiz action figures.As well as the Iron Man film DVDs. Or even Howard the Duck if someone likes that film. All because Disney  did not own Marvel Entertainment before 2009

So in this blog i like to choose the rich history of Marvel as part of my disneyana.And the evidence seems to back this view up.For example the infinity war comics came out in the 1990s.And the infinity War is the basis of  two marvel phase three films

So for me,  disneyana  that is linked to Marvel phases two and three  should be a better experience when a fan has a small  familiarity with the history of Marvel.

Thanks for looking at my post.


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