Marvel Legends infinite Black Widow


Above is a picture of a Marvel legends infinite Black widow Action figure.This is based on the character from Captain Americ: the Winter Soldier.I liked the movie .I like this action figure.

I like the design of the packaging.It is very good .The Captain America the winter soldier movie logo is a nice touch.

But  what i don’t like about action figure packaging  in general and which also applies here, is that to me, the packaging does  not seem to be meant to opened .So that when you try to open the package  you cannnot accomplish this task without tearing the package to shreds.So the experience is a bit like cracking open an egg or peeling  a banana.

This to me is the worst state of disneyana.Because once you open the  package you cannot simply pop it back into the package.

This is because it seems like the action figure   looks like it was meant  to be taken out of packaging.But the packaging looks like it was not meant to be opened.

This results in a paradox.

But because It is not a static fragile figurine or statue in this case i don’t mind.

Thanks for looking at my post.


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