Marvel legends Winter Soldier


Greetings Culture lovers.

The theory that collectors like to capure moments seems very credible.

When the Captain America Winter soldier film was released, an action figure was also released that had an alternate head sculpt.And that alternate head made the figure look,to put  it bluntly, very tired.

So now with the release of Captain America  Civil War it was a given that a Buckey Barnes figure ,ex- post Hydra, would be released.So I have now added it to my disneyana collection.

But i’m glad i bought my figure from a supermarket.Because it was at its original price point.

Why? Because there is another theory that states the higher the price of figure, then the less utility that is derived from it.So for example, suppose i bought the Winter Soldier figure from ebay. And then paid the extra premium. Then according to that  theory ,the figure is less useful to me.Since little value can be derived from it.

So according to the theory ,all that i could do with it is to just look at it inside its  box.And then post a picture on social media.Perhaps, Instagram.

This is because once you open the box then the figure falls in value.And that is a moment that  some disneyana collectors do not like to capture.

Thank you and good afternoon.






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