Dont hold back your Hulk


Greetings Culture lovers.

When anyone talks about marvel movies and the Hulk,  The Hulk 2003 seems to be swept under the carpet and not celebrated. So the Disneyana linked to this movie as a result is  also ignored. Is this attitude justified?

Various reasons have been given. Ranging from the Hulk  ‘being a ticked version of Shrek’ to ‘there’s ultimately too much talking and not enough smashing’.

Talk  about not holding back  criticism. But from what I have read about  the Hulk , the more ticked off he gets,the stronger the Hulk gets.Isn’t that the point?

Moreover  marvel movies rely on exposition and info-dumps, in some form, to tell the.story.For example in Thor the Dark World Odin tells a character and thus the audience “We are not gods. We’re born, we live, we die, just as humans do.” There was plenty of talking in that scene.And definitely not enough smashing.

Another important point is that for every smashing scene we see in a marvel universe movie it is usually preceded by or followed by a talking scene to set it up.For example, watch Captain America the winter soldier elevator brawl in the Triskelion.

However the attempts to purge  Hulk 2003.from Marvel movie lore  are real. For example, the 2014 tv program Marvel 75 years:from pulp to pop   , while celebrating the history of Marvel, seemed to  down play The Hulk 2003.The emphasis  seemed to be on the marvel cinematic universe rather than marvel movies.A very good little program which nicely ignored The Hulk 2003.

So this presents me with a problem for this piece of Disneyana.Other people might not like the movie but I did. I also like Shrek too. The Hulk 2003 is also a good cure for insommnia.Allegedly.

So  dont hold back your Hulk.Three cheers for The Hulk 2003:Hip,hip Hooray!

Thank you and good afternoon






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