Ooshies without fear:Daredevil



A strong brand is a known quantity.So you know what you get when you buy the branded item.So when someone buys a new product  based on the known quantity  this   means that  the buyer is still taking a chance on the unknown.But this chance is based on solid foundations.

For example take Daredevil.Daredevil is a super serious character.So it is suited to action figures.Such as the Marvel universe 3.75 inch figures.  These figures allow for high levels of gesticulation when snapping a picture,for those who like photography.

Moreover consider Daredevil’s backstory. This character has a strong continuous history.He has fought the Hulk.Tackled the Kingpin. And  also dealt with Nuke.

Thus Ooshies are at odds with usual represenation for Daredevil collectibles.Grim and Gritty are not a defining feature of Ooshies.

So the hallmark of Ooshies, their cartoonish,makes for a good reason as to exclude them from a Daredevil collection.Their cartoonish nature is at odds with the seriousness of the Source material.For example,the Frank Miller stories.

But suppose someone already has the articulated action figures.Then digested the grim and gritty stories.This means that the collector is ready for a new angle on Daredevil.

A collectible with zero points of articulation.That does not sound good.But  collectibles that are cheap to buy, And is at odds with usual mechandise? Sounds very good.

But  somehow i doubt there will be a Netflix series based on this version of Daredevil.

Thank you and good afternoon.



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